Red Baneberry Flowering



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5-15-15  red baneberry & goldenrod crab spider  087Red Baneberry is most noticeable in mid-summer, when its flowers have developed into bright red (poisonous) fruits. At this time of year, its delicate white flowers look very much like those of its close relative, White Baneberry (which eventually bears white poisonous fruit). The easiest way to differentiate the two species at this time of year is to notice the shape of the flower cluster. Red Baneberry’s cluster is more or less spherical, whereas White Baneberry’s is more cylindrical.

A Goldenrod Crab Spider, capable of changing color from yellow to white or vice versa, depending on the color of the flower it’s on, perches on Red Baneberry flowers waiting to pounce upon an unsuspecting pollinator.

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Unutursam Fısılda (2014)

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Uzun zamandır izlemek istediğim bir filmdi. Çağan Irmak filmlerini zaten hiç atlamadan izlemeye çalışıyorum. Unutursam fısılda oyuncu kadrosuyla ve harika konusuyla gerçekten insanı etkiliyor. Kesinlikle sizi ağlatmak için gereksiz uzun dram yaratan filmlerden değil. Peki ağlatıyor mu? Biraz :) 

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